The Benefits of a Chiropractic Adjustment

Many people have the wrong impression when it comes to how a chiropractic adjustment works. In reality, it is an effective tool that is used as part of an individualized treatment plan, by helping to adjust the musculoskeletal system back to its normal state after an illness or injury. A chiropractic adjustment removes blockages, minimizes inflammation, and helps to restore the body’s natural balance. As every individual is different, an adjustment may only be needed once every few months or on a regular basis if a chronic health condition is present.

Align and Balance

The main purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore balance within the body and realign the musculoskeletal structure. When the body is forced out of alignment by an illness or injury, inflammation can play a key role in causing further discomfort.

Restoring that delicate balance improves circulation, providing tissues with the nutrients and oxygen they need to heal properly. Once balance has been restored and everything is back in its proper place, healing can begin. Keeping the muscles strong and flexible allows them to provide the support the musculoskeletal system needs to maintain its position and mobility.

Strengthen and Support

A chiropractic adjustment is only one part of a personalized treatment plan. Your chiropractor may also include physical therapy exercises, deep tissue massage, and a nutritional diet plan. By combining all of these tools, your body is given what it needs to become stronger. The healing process is also supported.

Physical therapy is a great way to work the muscles so that the injured area can become stronger and more resilient. Deep tissue massage is often used during the earliest stages of treatment to manipulate the soft tissues and improve circulation. By adding a nutritional diet plan, your body will receive the vitamins and minerals it needs to fully support the healing process.

Your Chiropractor in Edmond, OK

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