Human beings are one of the few creatures on the planet that stand upright for a majority of their waking time. Our upright stance gives us poise, dexterity, and a longer field of vision, but it also creates back pain and spinal conditions for us.

Everyone experiences back pain at some point in life. For many people it is a problem that can linger for years. It can be debilitating, cause lost time at work, and lost quality time with friends and family.

Chiropractic medicine holds many effective and minimally invasive treatments for back pain and for the prevention of pain. Among the latest and most advanced of these treatments is the Intersegmental Traction Table, or the “roller table.”

What Is an Intersegmental Traction Table?

The Intersegmental Traction Table (ITT) is a specially designed roller table that helps to straighten the spine, remove pressure from between spinal disks, and gently reestablish a person’s normal range of spinal motion.

An ITT helps relax the muscles that support the spine, and allows improved blood flow to reach areas of the spine that are normally compressed. Intersegmental Traction works in a similar way to inversion therapy. During inversion therapy, the chiropractor uses gravity to gently stretch the spine, allowing the tissues between spinal disks to obtain nutrient rich circulation.

The drawback of inversion therapy is that it can be easy to over-apply, and it can be uncomfortable for the patient to remain inverted for even short periods of time.

The ITT achieves similar results in a way that is comfortable and that can be maintained for longer periods of time. Because the ITT table lets the patient remain under traction, or spinal decompression, for longer periods of time both comfortably and safely, the healing potential is much greater.

This treatment has the added benefit of helping to realign the spine gently, with zero risk of pain or injury.

Natural Healing is the Best Medicine

Here at Vitality Chiropractic in Edmond, OK, our goal is to help our patients achieve the maximum healing effects that the body possesses. We hope to help you minimize the need for invasive surgery and painkillers as much as possible.

The Intersegmental Traction Table treatment lets the structures and tissues of the spinal column heal naturally in a way that would be impossible under normal conditions. The result is more enduring spinal health, better vitality, and a more active life, even into the later years of life.

To learn more about the benefits of traction table treatment, get in touch with the chiropractic professionals at Vitality Chiropractic in Edmond, OK. Our caring staff is standing by to take your call and schedule your startup consultation.